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Product Line

MPH provides the finest motorsports products to the entire racing industry. If you race it we have the hardware for you to bolt it together, make it faster and more reliable. We carry a full line of plumbing products, aircraft grade (AN, NAS and MS) and standard grade (grade 5 and 8) hardware and fasteners as well as consumables, tools and performance and safety products.

If you need it, we more than likely already have it or, if not, we can get it!

Please view our sales policy for payment terms and shipping options.

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 Distributor  In  The  Midwest !

We are currently updating the site to include online shopping. Until then, please refer to our line card for the products you need. Then drop us an e-mail (sales@mphindy.com) or give us a call with any of your requirements. Please check back soon for online shopping!

Custom Hoses

Brake, clutch and other hi-pressure applications
(steel braided, crimp on ends - straight, 45, 
90, banjo)
Many colors available

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  Chassis Engineering – Full Line Anderson plugs CO2 refilling
  McKinney Chassis – Full line Electrical tape (8 colors) Custom Hoses -
  Apex Steering Joints Thomas & Betts Tyraps Fuel, oil, water
    Spiral wrap Air – airjack, clutch, shift

Weathertite connectors

Brake, clutch

Brake fluid -

Battery disconnect swithes Power steering
  AP Battery jump posts

Fuel injection


Shop / pit air

  Castrol SRF HARDWARE  
    NAS, MS, AN fasteners SHOP / PIT SUPPLIES

Cleaners / Polishes -

ARP fasteners 3M Scotchbrite
  3M – Brake clean Aurora rod ends / bearings 3M Foam tape
  CRC – Electrical cleaner

Dzus fasteners

Velcro – various widths
  3M – Throttle plate cleaner


3M Dualock
  3M – Adhesive remover

Recoil thread inserts

Clecos / pliers
  3M – Release agent Titanium bolts Funnels – alum. / plastic
  K&N – Filter cleaner Grade 8 fasteners Funnel filters
  Loctite – Gasket remover Socket, button and flat head Scribner fuel jugs
  Autosol T-bolt clamps Mechanic gloves

Breeze hose clamps

Terry gloves

Adhesives / Epoxies-

Adel clamps / P clips Welding gloves
  3M – 77 spray adhesive Grease fittings

Nitrile gloves

  3M – 90 spray adhesive Snap rings

Safety glasses

  3M – Weatherstrip adhesive Dowel pins Custom air hoses-
  Gasgacinch Schrader valves Shop air
  Loctite Hysol Dowty sealing washers Wheel gun
  Loctite Fast Cure Epoxy Hi strength studs


    Wheel studs  

Sealants -

  Dow 4 – Electrical insulating HIGH PERFORMANCE

Nashua duct tape (9 colors)

  Dow 732 – RTV Moroso – full line 3M foam tape
  Dow 736 – Hi temp RTV Holley – full line Gaffers tape
  Permatex RTV Fram Foil tape (alum.)
  Loctite PST K&N Electrical tape (8 colors)
    Wilwood Masking tape

Threadlockers -

B&M Tread tape
  Loctite – Full line Fel-Pro 3M heli-tape (various widths)
  Loctite retaining compounds Autometer  

Oils -



  Elixer power steering fluid XRP – full line Alpha heat shrink tubing
  Synergyn Aeroquip – full line Aluminized heat sleeve
  Hi Rev top lube Hard line (alum., SS) Aluminized cloth
  K&N filter oil Purosil tubing and shapes Fyresleeve
    Setrab coolers



Lubricants -

Wiggins / Adel clamps TOOLS
  Dow 44 – Hi temp brg grease Breeze hose clamps Safety wire
  Dow 111 – valve lube Jiffy Tite quick disconnects Cleco’s / pliers
  Dow 321 – Dry film lube EZ Mate air fittings

Apex bits

  Dow 557 – Dry film lube O-rings – full range Taps / dies
  Dow Gn – Metal assy spray O-ring cord stock Drill bits
  Neversieze Cap / plugs – plastic, alum. Pump wrenches
  Copaslip AN fittings – full line Aluminum hose wrenches
  Molykote 55 – O-ring grease Goodyear Spiraflex Flaring tools
  Lithium grease SMC & Leris air line / fittings

Expoxy applicators

    Aeroduct duct hose- black & red Epoxy applicator mixing tubes

Paint -

Tubing benders
  VHT engine enamel SAFETY   Transfer screws
  VHT brake drum & rotor paint Mechanic glove  

Safety Suction siphons


VHT header paint

Welding gloves  

Longacre pit tools – full line

    Safety glasses   TyRap installation tools

Misc. -

M&R Belts, window nets, etc...
  Redline Water Wetter  


  Wheelie bar spray chalk   M&R Tie Downs  
  Tap Magic tapping fluid   E-track
  Clover lapping compound   Aircraft seat track
      Tie down accessories


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